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01 October 2014

Versatile Voltage Reducers from Projecta Offer Convenient Solution

Designed to convert 24V power to 12V, Projecta’s new range of voltage reducers offer a convenient solution when powering 12V equipment from a 24V source, including radios, mobile phones, TV’s, on-board communication equipment and lighting.

Compact in size, the 5, 10, 20 and 30 amp reducers are up to 95% efficient, able to perform at high operating temperatures with no decrease in power output.

With a wide input range of 15-40V, and maintaining a stable 13.6V output, they are extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Total safeguard protection including voltage, temperature, overload, reverse polarity & short circuit protection ensures safe operation of sensitive communication devices.

Featuring a fully sealed (IP68), vibration resistant, dust and water proof with diecast aluminium housing, these units are ideal for outdoor use delivering ultimate reliability and performance.

Each model within the range features ignition switched output, whilst the 5 amp model also features constant output voltage ideal for vehicle radio memory.

The Projecta range of voltage reducers are available from leading four wheel drive, transport and automotive outlets throughout Australia, starting from a RRP of $85. For more information, visit www.projecta.com.au.

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