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Projecta’s Intelligent Compact 12V Dual Battery Voltmeter


Projecta’s Intelligent Compact 12V Dual Battery Voltmeter

Mark Hudson


A practical new product in the Projecta Power Management program is an intelligent and compact 12 Volt Dual Battery Voltmeter.

The Projecta DBM100 Voltmeter is the ideal accessory for anyone utilising dual battery systems especially in 4WD and caravan applications. The modern styled meter displays real time battery volts for both the starting and auxiliary batteries offering peace of mind that you will not be left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery due to a lack of warning.

Compact in size and simple to install the Projecta voltmeter is easy to read with a crisp coloured L.E.D display that can be manually adjusted to suit the user’s preferred brightness. A dimming function is automatically activated when the vehicle’s headlights are switched on, reducing distraction and making for more comfortable night viewing.

Along with the easy to read battery level bar indicator for quick ‘at-a-glance’ checks, the meter also signals high and low voltage warnings allowing the user to maintain the batteries in peak condition for maximum performance. All settings and modes can be customised to suit the application via a handy scroll-through switch on the side of the unit.

An additional feature built into the meter is a ‘Peak Recall’ mode which records the peak voltage of your batteries at any time. This feature can be used to check that the batteries are receiving sufficient charge and it can assist in identifying a problem with the vehicle’s alternator if the peak voltage is unusually high.

Supplied with 1.5m of pre-wired shielded cable and clearly marked instructions for ease of installation, the new Projecta DBM100 Dual Battery Voltmeter is available from leading automotive and 4WD outlets with a recommended retail price of approximately $179.00.

A Division of Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd, Projecta is Australian owned and operated with worldwide partners who are experts in their respective field. Projecta is a leader in the design and development, manufacture and supply of battery chargers, battery related and electrical accessories for motor vehicles, trucks, boats, 4WD and recreational vehicles.

The company has five offices across Australia plus one in New Zealand with representation in a number of countries.

Further information on the extensive Projecta program together with high resolution images for download can be found at or by visiting the Projecta website at

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