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Projecta grows ‘Intelli-Charge’ range with Lithium DC/Solar Battery Charger


Projecta grows ‘Intelli-Charge’ range with Lithium DC/Solar Battery Charger

Mark Hudson


The growing popularity and affordability of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries has lead Projecta to increase its range of ‘Intelli-Charge’ DC/Solar Battery Chargers and the latest addition to the line-up is the 9-32V, 5-stage IDC25L model.

The versatile IDC25L is ideal for permanent fitment to caravan and camper trailers that are equipped with lithium batteries (capacities from 50 to 150AH), but it can just as easily be fitted to vehicle engine bays, allowing charging of a four wheel drive or commercial vehicle’s secondary lithium battery.

The IDC25L has two operating modes: ‘Lithium’ and ‘Power Supply’.

In Lithium mode, the IDC25L ensures Lithium batteries are charged to full capacity every time safely and reliably by providing a 5-stage charging process that begins with a ‘soft charge’ so that the batteries are not damaged after a deep discharge.

A key feature with this unit is its ability to charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator (both conventional and ‘smart’) inputs without the need to manually switch from one power source to the other.

When it’s not charging, the IDC25L’s has a ‘Power Supply’ mode, which is useful for customers who want a constant voltage with 25A current-limited power source, to power certain appliances.

Featuring solid yet compact construction, the IDC25L is sealed to IP67 and is dust, splash and shock proof as well as being suitable for use in extreme temperature ranges of -10° to 80°C.

To provide operators with reliable long-term performance, the IDC25L is equipped with an over temperature protection function, which sees the charger automatically adjust its output based on battery temperature (minimum charge is applied if the battery temperature is 45° C or higher).

Other safeguards include over and under voltage protection, which shuts down the charger if voltage problems are detected and spark-free protection which prevents the charging process from beginning unless the load is securely connected.

These features prevent accidental damage to batteries and when combined with the unit’s in-built reverse connection protection, provides an extremely safe and robust product well suited to the rigours of long distance touring and off road applications.

The unit features an easy-to-read interface with L.E.D lights that illustrates to the user the various stages of operation: ‘Charging’, ‘Solar’ or Alternator’; a second set of L.E.Ds also shows if the device is operating as a ‘Power Supply’ or in ‘Lithium’ and the user can toggle between functions via a simple ‘Mode’ button. 

For peace of mind, Projecta’s new ‘Intelli-Charge’ IDC25L Lithium battery charger range is backed by 2-year warranty and can be purchased from all leading automotive, transport, four wheel drive and camping and caravanning outlets throughout Australia.

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