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Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers




Charge N’ Maintain battery chargers are a safe and practical method for charging all your automotive and marine (starting) batteries. Perfectly suited to the home handyman the complete range can be left connected to the battery without risk of overcharging.

Pro-Charge is a range of sophisticated and easy to use battery chargers ideal for the home professional and suitable for a wide range of 12V lead acid batteries and battery sizes. Using advanced 6 stage charging technology, Pro-Charge maximises battery life and performance and can help restore drained and sulphated batteries. Pro-Charge is fully automatic, spark-free and polarity protected, and can be left connected to a battery indefinitely without overcharging.

Offering world class 7 stage technology and multi-chemistry charging, Intelli-Charge maximises battery performance and life. Intelligent electronics monitor the charging process delivering an advanced 7 stage charge to the battery. This process coupled with a chemistry specific charge process tailored to precisely match the battery type guarantees the optimum charge. Available from 7 up to 50 Amps and boasting power supply mode, recondition and adjustable output, the Intelli-Charge range is the world’s most advanced range of battery chargers.

Lithium iron batteries (LiFePO4) are ideal for in-vehicle applications and back up power, explaining their growing popularity in the premium caravan and camper trailer industry. When matched to a world class 5 stage charger such as the Projecta Intelli-Charge Lithium range, the batteries will provide longer life, better power density, faster charge times, greater discharge capabilities and are inherently safer.

The Workshop range of chargers are a powerful tool for the automotive trade. Constructed from a durable pressed metal outer enclosure for superior strength and durability, with the HDBC range utilising ultra-reliable transformer technology to ensure they last the extra mile in the most unforgiving industrial situations. They are a versatile unit that can be used to charge many battery types and are powerful enough to ensure the job gets done every time.

Workshop Battery Manager
Projecta presents an evolution in vehicle battery maintenance. The HDBM4000 is your complete workshop battery manager: an all-in-one solution for testing, charging and maintaining batteries of multiple chemistries and voltages, including stop/start batteries found in modern vehicles. Unlike conventional 40A workshop chargers, the unit is very light and compact with a tough housing and 3 metre long leads.

  • All-in one solution for battery testing, charging and maintenance
  • 8 stage automatic and manual 3–40A charging
  • Multi-chemistry, multi-voltage 6–24V operation

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