Spare Parts | Projecta

12V 22Ah Agm Battery to suit Hp1200

Part No. HP1200B

240V 4Amp Chargers To suit Hp2000

Part No. HP2000C

12V 22Ah Agm Battery To suit Hp2012

Part No. HP2012B

12V 23A AGM Battery

Part No. HC3000B

12V 31Ah AGM Battery

Part No. HC4500B

12V Charging Lead

Part No. HCDC

Fuse to suit HC3000 and HC3012

Part No. HCFUSE1

Fuse to suit HC4500

Part No. HCFUSE2

Charging Plug to Suit Sure Start


12V 22Ah Agm Battery To suit Hp2200

Part No. HP2200B

240V ac 4A Charger

Part No. HPC4A

Dc Charging Lead

Part No. HPDC