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Power Management

Power Management

Projecta’s Power Boards bundle our most popular power products into complete and easy-to-install 12V power management systems ideal for ute canopies and 4WDs. Ideal for Caravans and RVs, Projecta’s Intelli-RV is an all-in-one AC & DC mobile power management unit providing a single, centralised wiring location whilst our remote control and monitoring options keep you informed and in command. Meanwhile, the premium Intelli-Grid also utilises CAN bus communication so components can be easily added as required.

12V 35A Power Management Board

Part No. ICB3500

Intelli-Volt 12V 50A Low Voltage Disconnect

Part No. LVD50

PM300-BT Intelli-RV System

Part No. PM300-BT

PM400 Intelli-RV System

Part No. PM400

PM435 Intelli-RV System

Part No. PM435-BT

10 Positive Switch Panel To Suit PM400

Part No. PM4SW10

4.5M Cable to suit 10 Positive Switch Panel

Part No. PM4SW10C

2 Positive Switch Panel to suit PM400

Part No. PM4SW2

Y connector 0.5M cable to suit 2 positive

Part No. PM4SW2Y

Temperature Sensor 5M Cable to Suit Pm400

Part No. PM4TS

Y Connector to suit PM4SW10C and PM4TS

Part No. PM4Y

2m Extension Cable for Panel Switch, LED and LCD Monitor

Part No. PMSWEX-2