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A common installation issue is that the cable used is not suitable. The IDC25X is designed to power on and charge from an input source as little as 9V. If small-size cables are used for wiring, the voltage might drop below 9V when IDC25X is attempting to start up. Please refer to the ‘Installation – Wiring’ section in your manual for recommended cable sizes.

Powering an appliance while charging your battery will impact the battery charger’s ability to accurately measure the battery’s response to the charge being applied. Projecta battery chargers have been designed to accommodate this situation, although it is not recommended, and ‘Power Supply’ mode should be selected. For optimum charging, it is recommended to charge a battery without any appliance load on the battery.

The battery charger’s ‘Fully Charged’ LED will illuminate (solid) and if the charger has a remote its bi-colour LED will illuminate green (solid). Alternatively, you can use a Battery Hydrometer (Projecta Part No. BH100). A reading of 1.250 or more in each cell indicates a fully charged battery.

Your inverter uses sophisticated electronics to convert DC battery power to AC mains power. If you accidentally connect the inverter to the battery incorrectly (reverse polarity), a large current will be drawn by the inverter which will blow the protection fuse. As this occurs, some of the high currents could damage sensitive electronic components. Because of this risk, it is important to always double-check the battery polarity before making any connections.

Yes. Intelli-Start jump starters use Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) that can rapidly recover charge from the vehicle’s alternator. Leaving the clamps connected to the vehicle for at least 40 seconds after starting the vehicle will recharge the jump starter to 100% of the original charge status. Once the jump starter is fully charged the RRT will shut off and you can disconnect the black clamp and then the red clamp.

It is possible to run multiple solar panels for higher voltage applications or more power:

1. Placing 2 solar panels in a series (connecting the end of one panel to the beginning of the next panel) will make them suitable for use on 24VDC battery systems or vehicles.

2. Placing 2 or more panels in parallel (the same terminals of all panels are connected together) will still make them suitable for 12VDC use but will provide twice as much power (current). Refer to the section “Connecting Multiple Solar Panels” in your manual.

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Recalled Products

Projecta Intelli-Start Jump Starter IS900E & IS1200E - 21 Sep 2016 - 23 Jun 2017

The Intelli-Start Jump Starters are portable, compact and lightweight devices which enable vehicles to be jumpstarted. Each unit contains a lithium-cobalt battery, a circuit board and software. The product is supplied in a padded case which contains a USB 12V adaptor, a rechargeable lead, a set of jumper leads and an Instruction Manual.

The underside of the affected product states the Part Number (P/No.) as IS900E or IS1200E. The front of affected products states either 12V 900A or 12V 1200A. Dates available for sale 21 Sep 2016 - 23 Jun 2017

Electrical Product Safety Recall – Component Replacement Campaign

Brown & Watson International is conducting a Component Replacement Campaign for the Output Connector Clamps associated with the following Projecta Battery Chargers:

Product SKU: AC008, AC015, AC040, AC080, SMC150, SMC400, SMC800.