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Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

When it comes to battery monitoring and maintenance, Projecta for a comprehensive range of quality-built load testers, battery testers & digital multimeters including super-accurate carbon pile load testers and portable digital battery analysers.

Alligator Clip Insul Black (50)

Part No. AC202BB

Alligator Clip Insul Red (50)

Part No. AC202BR

25A Battery Test Clips (100)

Part No. TC202B

Bat Clips 50A Insul Black (25)

Part No. TC205BB

Bat Clips 50A Insul Red (25)

Part No. TC205BR

50 Amp Insulated Test Clips Black (100)

Part No. TC25BB

100 Amp Insulated Test Clips Black (100)

Part No. TC75BB

100 Amp Insulated Test Clips Red (100)

Part No. TC75BR

Spare Hold Down Strap T/S


Battery And Alternator Tester

Part No. BT100

Battery Box (10)

Part No. BB285B

Battery Box (10)

Part No. BB330B