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Solar Panels and Controllers

Solar Panels & Controllers

Projecta offer a range of solar panels in two types of technologies, amorphous panels which are more suited to maintenance requirements, and monocrystalline panels which generate greater power more efficiently making them ideal for charging larger batteries. Our range of automatic solar charge controllers can be left connected indefinitely to a battery, keeping it fully charged, monitoring its condition, and performing a ‘float’ charge to keep batteries in optimum condition.

Single pin waterproof positive and negative connectors with terminals and seals.

Part No. MC4-2

MC4 Type Y-Lead Negative Connector

Part No. MC4-YN

MC4 Type Y-Lead Positive Connector

Part No. MC4-YP

Amorphous 12V 1.5W Maintenance Solar Panel

Part No. SPA100

Monocrystalline 12V 5W Battery Maintainer Solar Panel

Part No. SPA5

Monocrystalline 12V 120W Soft Folding Solar Panel Kit

Part No. SPM120K

Collapsible Support Pole SPM120K

Part No. SPM120POL

Collapsible Support Pole SPM80K

Part No. SPM80POL

Solar Panel Bracket

Part No. SPP-BKT100

Monocrystalline 12V 180W Folding Solar Panel Kit

Part No. SPM180K

1 Metal Support Leg SPM180K

Part No. SPM180LEG

Collapsible Support Pole SPM180K

Part No. SPM180POL