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The next-generation Intelli-Charge DC to DC Dual Battery Charger, or IDC25X, can be conveniently mounted in engine bays and subjected to harsh vibration, high pressure water spray and extreme temperatures without risk of failure. Being vibration-proof, shock-proof, and meeting IP68 & IP69K water and dust ingress standards, it is highly durable and engineered to pass heavy vehicle standards.

With circuitry that has been fully potted with top-quality thermal epoxy resin, heat is effectively dissipated from the electronics to the outer housing, resulting in a more efficient operation. This ensures IDC25X keeps charging at a maximum 25A, even in hot temperatures up to 75°C. Testing shows the closest competitor only provides maximum charge to 55°C.


The IQD2 unlocks an IDC25X’s full potential. You'll experience seamless connectivity and advanced control with Projecta’s all-new Intelli-IQ ecosystem.

Effortlessly set up, monitor and control the IDC25X from the IQD2's 2" touch-screen or connect to the IQD2 remotely via the Projecta Intelli-IQ app installed on your Bluetooth® equipped smartphone or tablet. IQD2 gives the ability to adjust various parameters related to battery charge profiles and ensures the IDC25X’s adaptability to accommodate any battery that enters the market.

What’s more, the Intelli-IQ ecosystem allows you to seamlessly run up to five IDC25X units in parallel and upgrade the IDC25X’s firmware via the IQD2 and your smartphone.

PRO-WAVE pure sine wave inverters

Pro-Wave inverters are designed, engineered and tested in Australia to provide performance in the toughest conditions. The Pro-Wave range utilises pure sine wave technology, which more closely replicates the 240V mains power found at home.

Pro-Wave pure sine wave inverters have been specifically designed and built to deliver the next level of clean, reliable power, for those looking for greater performance over entry level modified sine wave inverters. Offering exceptional reliability, Pro-Wave is the ideal companion for all adventures, whether for the avid traveller taking their household comforts to remote destinations, or the home handyman in need of good, clean power to run sophisticated power tools when mains power isn’t available.