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Testing Times for Batteries with Projecta


Testing Times for Batteries with Projecta

Bruce Williams

A flat battery was the top reason for roadside assistance call-outs last summer, according to a leading Queensland roadside assistance provider*, a clear indication that battery maintenance is a critical issue.

Avoiding the inconvenience of an assistance call-out is easy with new technology, especially for motorists who have the correct tools on hand such as a battery tester. Projecta has a range of affordable and easy-to-use battery testers suitable for both the home garage and professional mechanical workshop designed to make battery monitoring easy.

Projecta’s BLT and DT battery tester range comprises 10 models with the BLT500, BLT700 and DT910 being the most recent additions to the line-up.

The entry level BLT500 provides simple, fast and accurate test of battery condition and capacity. Suitable for use with 12 Volt batteries, this model has a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) range of 100-1700 CCA. Features in this model include a bright and easy-to-read single line L.E.D display showing CCA, battery voltage, percentage of battery health and general battery condition. For added convenience, the unit is safe to use with batteries both in position in the vehicle or out of the vehicle and is connected to the battery via rubber moulded battery clamps that provide spark-free connection.

The second new addition is the BLT700. This model is suitable for use with 12 Volt Wet, AGM, Calcium and EFG batteries and provides comprehensive testing and analysis of battery and electrical systems with an easy-to-use graphic interface and built-in printer for test results. 

The backlit LCD display provides on-screen details covering CCA (40-2000 CCA range), battery voltage, percentage of battery health and general battery conditions. With an in-built printer, these details can then be printed via the tester with date and time included on the print out, or alternatively the details can be printed via PC using a USB connection. As an added benefit the BLT700 can store up to 80 test results in its memory bank.

Aside from battery performance, the BLT700 can also accurately test the alternator, starter motor, earth and diode ripple, making it a great all-round unit for the mechanical workshop or mobile technician.

The unit is also supplied as part of a comprehensive kit that includes software, USB cable, battery data charts and printer paper and it’s all housed in a robust blow-moulded case for easy storage and transport.  

The third of the new models to the Projecta battery tester line-up is the DT910 digital clamp meter, a high quality tester that provides fast and simple current measurement without interfering with the test circuit. Capable of testing wires up to 38mm in diameter, the DT910 is suitable for AC/DC current testing up to 400 Amps and from 0-600 Volts, and provides broad analysis on voltage and frequency, resistance and continuity and also has the ability to test diodes and temperature. The unit even features a non-contact voltage detector that can safely measure AC live voltage without even touching the circuit.

For ease of use, this model features an intuitive jog dial with familiar symbols for popular scales and units of measurement and once the measurement has been made the DT910 captures the result using an on-screen data hold function.

For safe storage and mobility, the DT910 is also supplied with a protective case.

Projecta’s range of domestic and commercial battery testers is available from quality automotive outlets nation-wide.

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