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Projecta Releases Affordable Pro-Wave Range of Pure Sine Inverters


Projecta Releases Affordable Pro-Wave Range of Pure Sine Inverters

Bruce Williams


Leading battery maintenance and battery power product company Projecta has introduced the new affordable family of Pro-Wave of inverters. 

Pro-Wave hits the shelves as a mid-range pure sine wave inverter that allows users to capitalise on pure sine wave technology, without the commonly associated high cost. 

Projecta developed Pro-Wave as a mid-level alternative to their flagship Intelli-Wave series of pure sine wave inverters, for applications that surpass the capabilities of much cheaper, modified sine wave inverters. 

What is pure sine wave? There are two main types of inverters; pure sine wave and modified sine wave. As alternating current (AC) from a 240V mains outlet differs greatly to direct current (DC) from a 12V battery, an inverter must work to replicate the AC power wave in order to run an AC appliance from a DC power source. 

Modified sine wave inverters use a cheaper, less advanced technology to achieve this, and the end result is a power wave that isn’t as clean or uninterrupted as that of AC mains. For most simple appliances, such as lights, microwaves, fridges and hair dryers, this modified sine wave is good enough for sufficient operation. 

Highly sensitive electrical appliances, such as computers, AM radios, televisions and medical equipment, on the other hand, can experience static and interruption to operation when using a modified sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave inverters overcome this with more advanced and more expensive technology, perfectly replicating the AC mains sine wave and ensuring clean power and seamless operation for AC based appliances.

Named for their continuous wattage output, the Pro-Wave range includes PW150, PW350, PW600, PW900 and PW1800 inverters, ensuring there is a Pro-Wave to suit most applications.

PW600, PW900 and PW1800 inverters feature a digital display screen that monitors power draw and battery voltage, so you can keep an eye on power levels. These models can also be switched on and off via an optional remote control (P/No. PWREMOTE, purchased separately), allowing the user to remotely conserve battery power when not in use. With the exception of PW150, all Pro-Wave inverters feature an automatic temperature-controlled cooling fan and a low battery alarm / shut down to prevent battery drainage.

Pro-Wave is presented in an attractive, self-merchandising retail box complete with see-through window and key features and benefits of the product. 

In an effort to make inverter selection easier for the not-so-savvy, Projecta provides an application guide on all Pro-Wave packaging, with thumbnail illustrations of suitable appliances that can be run from each model of inverter. This is designed to ensure users do not under-power their appliances or spend more money than is necessary for their applications. Projecta always recommend users check the wattage of their appliances to ensure inverter power output exceeds the power draw of the appliance.

All Projecta inverters are designed in accordance with Australian standard AS4763 (Int): 2006 – Safety of portable inverters and electrically isolate the DC circuit completely from the AC circuit, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind.

Projecta Pro-Wave Pure Sine Inverters are available from leading automotive, 4WD and camping and caravan outlets at prices starting from approximately $199.00.

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