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Projecta Launches New 'Intelli-RV' Power Management Systems


Projecta Launches New 'Intelli-RV' Power Management Systems

Josh Brown

Projecta’s new Intelli-RV range offers a comprehensive power management system solution to suit caravans and recreational vehicles, providing easier, safer installation and battery/solar management.

Within the range are four different kits offering customers a variety of features to suit their application and budget.

Designed with ‘plug and play’ in mind, to complete wiring installation you only need a screwdriver and the necessary DC cables.

Fast and efficient wiring to a central location via push-in termination of solid, stranded and ferruled conductors – wire up your whole caravan in half of the time with the WAGO® easy push-in terminals (excluding PM100).

These terminals have the industry-proven spring pressure connection technology which means fast, vibration-proof and maintenance free. With 10-14 fused outputs available (depending on model), you won’t be short of circuits to power your 12V appliances and lighting.

All models feature a switchable 35A power supply, 20A mains battery charging, and 100A VSR* for dual battery charging. PM200 features a PWM solar controller, whilst PM300 and PM400 utilise full MPPT. Remote control displays (LED on PM200, LCD on PM300/PM400) offer easy monitoring of water levels, battery, charging and system status, plus remote buttons for power, load and water pump operation.

PM400 also includes a separate switch panel for turning lights and appliances off and on, dimmable bedroom light switches and Bluetooth® connectivity for operation via smart phone.

A host of inbuilt protections across the range ensure safe operation and care of batteries for a true ‘set and forget’ experience.

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