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Intelli-Charge DC/DC Chargers

The Most Advanced DC-DC Charger.

Projecta IDC25 Dual Battery Charger

Intelli-Charge DC-DC Charger

Deep cycle batteries cannot be completely charged from a vehicle's alternator which only delivers a single voltage, typically 13.8V. This voltage (13.8V) under-charges and reduces the life of the deep cycle battery.

The 3 stage charge delivered by the IDC range of chargers inputs a tailored charge specific to the selected battery ensuring increased performance and life of your deep cycle battery.

The first stage (bulk) charges the battery faster while the second stage (absorption) ensures the battery is thoroughly charged. The final stage (float) maintains the battery ready for use and can be left connected indefinitely.


  • Engine Bay Installation - Sealed to IP67, the IDC is dust, splash and shock proof and can safely operate in extreme temperatures.
  • Dual Charging Modes - Engineered to work with both smart and conventional alternators
  • Dual Input Operation - Simultaneous dual battery charging from both solar and alternator inputs
  • Total Safeguard Protection - Over temperature, reverse connection, over/under and spark free protection

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Dual Battery Systems


Projecta offers a comprehensive range of dual battery systems to suit a variety of applications and budgets. Starting with the robust and in-field proven voltage sensitive relays, ideal for running and controlling multiple loads through to an array of fully automatic electronic isolators.

Each dual battery system is available as a single unit as well as within a comprehensive kit. With the very best materials from heavy-duty cable for maximum current transfer and minimal voltage drop, high quality lugs, connectors and mounting bracketry to a fused distribution terminal supplied with high end dual battery system which cleverly convert the positive battery post of the auxiliary battery into 3 fused outlets.

Battery Meters


Choose from either an intelligent and compact dual voltage meter ideal for monitoring twin battery installations often found in 4WD and caravan applications or a smart battery gauge with sophisticated, full colour LCD monitor that accurately displays a battery’s total capacity, overall health and general status. Ideal for camper trailer and caravan interiors.

Battery Trays & Accessories


Projecta’s heavy-duty zinc coated steel battery trays provide the ideal solution when mounting an auxiliary battery into a vehicle’s engine bay. The range has been engineered to fit specific vehicle types meaning the battery trays can be installed without the inconvenience of having to modify the battery tray or parts of the vehicle.

Further battery mounting options are also available with a range of universal battery trays, in both plastic and metal, along with a variety of battery hold down clamps with all the necessary components for a solid fitment.