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Power Management

Power Boards

A new selection of power boards designed to suit ute canopies and RVs

A complete and easy to install 12V power management system ideal for ute canopy’s, 4WD’s and caravans. Choose from a range of 6 pre-built models to suit your vehicles needs. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions and demands.


Comprehensive power management for caravans and RVs

Battery power and solar management has never been this easy. All-in-one transformer unit provides a single, centralised wiring location whilst our remote control and monitoring options keep you informed and in command.


A new array of full AC & DC mobile power systems.

Just like INTELLI-RV, INTELLI-GRID is a full AC & DC mobile power system. Configured for 2kW, 3kW and 3kW 48V systems. Everything is connected to via Can bus communication so components can be added as required. High Powered Systems designed to run all the comforts of home on the road.

Accessories for Intelli-RV and Intelli-Grid

Accessories to suit Intelli-RV and Intelli-Grid.

From screens and monitors, to lithium batteries, controllers, shunts and switches - customise your set up with a selection of accessories to suit your Intelli-RV and Intelli-Grid products.


Low voltage disconnect products to protect batteries

The ideal solution for protecting expensive deep cycle batteries from over-discharge. Automatically disconnects the load when the LVD detects the voltage has dropped to the disconnection point, ideal for 4WDs, camper trailers and smaller caravan applications.

Voltage Reducers

Convert 24V power to 12V to run small devices.

Designed to convert 24V power to 12V, Projecta’s range of voltage reducers offer a convenient solution when powering 12V appliances including radios, mobile phones, TVs and onboard communication equipment from 24V vehicles.