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Solar Panels & Controllers

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Maintenance Solar Panels

Projecta's range of Maintenance Solar Panels are ideal for maintaining your battery during periods of minimal use. Our maintenance panels provide a longer battery life for infrequently used vehicles.
Using a Maintenance Solar Panel will ensure your vehicle starts, even after extended periods without use.

Soft Folding Solar Panels

Projecta's range of Soft Folding Solar Panels are compact and robust monocrystalline solar panel kits that feature a unique frameless foldable design.
These lightweight and powerful kits are ideal for the traveller looking to explore remote locations and extend their stay off the grid. Complete and ready to use, simply unfold and connect to your vehicle's battery.

Fixed Solar Panels

Projecta’s extensive range of fixed solar panels are ultra robust and efficent. These panels are ideal for charging batteries and extending battery run time, suiting leisure vehicles and travelling.

Semi Flexible Solar Panels

This new range of Solar Panels is made for mounting on surfaces that aren't flat. Ideal for permanent mounting on surfaces that have a slight contour or curve. It will suit applications where power is required to charge battery banks servicing multiple or larger applications.

Solar Controllers

Solar panels capture the sunlight converting it into useable electric power, however without a solar controller to regulate this power it will ultimately damage your battery through excessive charge and even discharge at night.

Projecta offers an extensive range of automatic solar charge controllers to suite a wide range of solar applications, all with varying amperage ratings. Each of the controllers can be left connected indefinitely to the battery keeping it fully charged, monitoring its condition and performing a process called ‘float’ charge to keep the battery in optimum condition, ultimately ensuring longer life.

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