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Rapid Recharge Technology


The 12V Intelli-Start Professional Lithium Jumpstarter (Part No IS1500) utilises Rapid Recharge Technology.

What does Rapid Recharge Technology do?

A major advantage of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries is that they are able to safely absorb charge much faster than other battery types including other lithium battery technologies. Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) utilises this capability to allow the battery to rapidly recharge directly from the vehicle after it has jumpstarted. The RRT requires the product to be specifically designed to allow the current to flow in both directions from the jumpstarter battery. The IS1500 is the first product in the Projecta range to utilise this technology. The result is a jumpstarter that does not need to be charged via 240V during the working day. However it is important to note that the jumpstarter should still be charged via the docking station between work days, doing this will increase the battery life by 10–20%. How does it work?

Using a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery as the power source for the jumpstarter enables the IS1500 to accept charge from the vehicle alternator. The LiFePO4 battery allows a much higher current charge compared with other lithium batteries and conventional lead acid batteries.

In technical terms, a proprietary algorithm is employed to ensure the battery is not overcharged at both cell and whole battery level while being recharged. The rapid battery recharge process will cease once the battery is fully charged.

For a case with an alternator current of 40 Amps, 20 seconds of ‘Rapid Recharge’ will recover 80% of the energy lost during a 200 Amp 5 second jumpstart. 40 seconds of rapid recharge would recover 100% of the of energy lost.

The RRT is automatically engaged when sufficient current is present. Therefore once the vehicle has been started, the jumpstarter battery will immediately begin drawing power directly from the alternator (provided the alternator is fully functioning). The lithium battery recovers charge so quickly that it only needs to remain connected to the vehicle battery for a maximum of 40 seconds to recover the charge it used jumpstarting the vehicle. Once the battery in the jumpstarter has been fully recharged the RRT automatically switches off to prevent overcharging.

> Part No IS1500 – 12V Intelli-Start Professional Lithium Jumpstarter

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