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Brown & Watson International takes back to back stand award at National 4X4 Show

Dennis Zapanta

Brown & Watson International (BWI) has won the ‘Best Stand over 100m² Award’ at this year’s National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing and Boating Expo, making it two years in a row for the Projecta and Narva brands.

Once again the stand impressed the judges with its combination of innovative new products, interactive exhibits, and displays of two fully equipped Ford Raptor and Ranger vehicles demonstrating real world product application.

Adding to the experience was a camping theme including a mock campfire to emulate a typical outdoor recreational experience.

Projecta’s side of the stand was eye-catching and included a caravan cutaway fitted with the new INTELLI-RV Power Management System. This innovation demonstrated how the owner could manage all of the caravan’s lighting and electrical features from a set of controls on a nearby plinth.

Also on display for Projecta was a range of solar panels, inverters, dual battery systems and jump starters, equipment that certainly makes the camp site a lot more convenient.

Attracting considerable attention across the large stand were the camp-ready Narva and Projecta vehicles, which have been heavily upgraded with Narva and Projecta goods as well as general 4x4 accessories from well-known industry suppliers.

The Projecta Ranger showed this vehicle’s open canopy which was equipped with a comprehensive and neat fit out of Projecta products including inverter, battery monitors, lithium DC/DC charger and other power equipment.

BWI Marketing Manager, Jake Smith, said the team was extremely excited at being recognised for its stand by event organisers.

“We put a lot of effort into last year’s show with the aim of engaging attendees and providing them with something more than just ‘show and tell’ which people can get from the website,” Jake said.

“This year we had a similar philosophy, to keep our stand experience fresh and interactive for show goers, and I think this struck accord with the judges.

“We’re ecstatic to have been recognised for best stand over 100m² for two years in a row, but the pressure’s now really on for next year’s event,” he said.

Narva  & Projecta National 4x4 Stand Award 2019.png


29 August 2019

New and improved emergency Lithium Jumpstarters set new safety benchmarks

Dennis Zapanta

Market leaders in battery maintenance and battery power products, Projecta,

has launched what the company believes is the most reliable and safe, consumer market emergency lithium jumpstarters in Australasia.

The all-new second generation 12V IS910E and IS1210E ‘Intelli-Start’ Lithium Emergency Jumpstarters replace earlier IS900 and IS1200 models, which failed to meet Projecta’s stringent safety performance standards and were recalled due to a very small percentage of product failures.

The new IS910E and IS1210E units have greatly benefited from their predecessors’ in-field feedback and introduce a host of improvements following research and testing by in-house engineers as well as independent external consultants.

The resulting recommendations have seen the introduction of a further two-stage safety protection system that checks the health of both the Mosfet transistor switch and the unit’s Smart Module (protecting against overcharge and voltage surges). If either fails, the jumpstarter will cut out, eliminating any safety risks.

Additional engineering to the IS910E and IS1210E units sees the inclusion of other advanced protections against surge, over voltage, battery and switch over temperature, reverse polarity, short circuit, over current, under voltage, plus battery cell balancing for optimum performance and safety.

Some potentially dangerous situations such as if the user tries to charge a battery that is hotter than 60°C, will also trigger an audible alarm to alert the user.  

Safety benefits aside, the new Projecta Jumpstarters are also great performers.

Designed with the consumer market in mind, and suitable for batteries used by a majority of passenger cars, four wheel drives, motorcycles and outboard motors, the IS910E and IS1210E models are ultra-compact and lightweight (more than 90 per cent lighter than equivalent lead acid jumpstarters), meaning that they can conveniently be stored on board the vehicle, ready for use in an emergency.

The IS910E boasts 900A peak amps and 240A clamp power, providing enough power to start most petrol engines up to 6.0 litres. The larger IS1210E with its 1200A peak amps and 330A clamp power takes this performance to a higher level, easily starting most petrol-powered vehicles of up to 7.0 litres’ displacement as well as most diesel engines with up to 3.2 litres of capacity.

Cranking power comes courtesy of Lithium Cobalt (LiCo) batteries with capacities of 6,600 mAh (24.4 wHr) and 13,500 mAh (50.0 wHr) respectively, providing maximum power and efficiency.

Operating Intelli-Start jumpstarters is easy. Premium, spark-free clamps ensure a strong connection while a host of indicator lights provide the users with information including whether the unit is on/off, clamp connectivity, battery status and jump start status.

As well as being jumpstarters, the IS910E and IS1210E models also have the flexibility to be used as power banks, allowing the owner to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices such as sat nav via the units’ 2.1 Amp USB Accessory Ports (charging plug adaptor included). 

Both models also feature an in-built 2x 0.5 W L.E.D flood light with SOS function that can be used in emergency situations.

Projecta’s new and improved 12V IS910E and IS1210E ‘Intelli-Start’ Lithium Jumpstarters are presented in a durable, padded carry case providing both protection for the equipment and convenience for the owner. These emergency jumpstarters can be purchased at all leading automotive and four-wheel drive outlets throughout Australia at prices of approximately $249.00 and $349.00 incl. GST respectively..

Projecta Intelli-start Jump Starter IS1210E.jpg


28 August 2019

Projecta Expands Versatile Folding Solar Panel Kit Range

Mark Hudson

Time off the beaten track doesn’t mean forgoing life’s little luxuries, following the introduction of Projecta’s new 12V 180W folding solar panel kit.

The latest release expands on Projecta’s existing 80W and 120W variants, and along with the extra power, introduces a host of new features designed to increase product longevity, ease-of-use and versatility.

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