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Projecta launches Lithium-specific ‘Intelli-Charge’ Battery Charger range


Projecta launches Lithium-specific ‘Intelli-Charge’ Battery Charger range

Mark Hudson


With the increasing popularity and affordability of lighter weight, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for use in caravan, camper trailer and boating applications, Projecta has released a new range of ‘Intelli-Charge’ Lithium chargers, specifically for these battery types.

The new range comprises three 12V, 5-stage models, the ICI500L, IC2500L and IC5000L, providing charge rates of 15A, 25A and 50A respectively.

All three chargers feature adjustable output, making them suitable for different battery sizes and include a 1.8m temperature compensation probe for precise charging and to maximise the battery life. For example, if the battery temperature is very low or very hot, minimum charge is applied to it, reducing the chance of damage or premature wear.

For greater convenience, the chargers are also equipped with a power supply mode which retains the vehicle’s computers settings under charge, they can also run 12V appliances.

Also helping convenience is a wired remote control, which allows the chargers to be mounted out of sight yet easily operated. This feature comes standard in the IC2500L and IC5000L models and can be purchased at additional cost for the IC1500L (Part no. ICLREMOTE).

For ease of use, the IC1500L features simple L.E.D charge indication: red light on means the power is on; blue light on indicates charging and green light on means that the battery is fully charged and maintaining (no need to turn the charger off).

The IC2500L and IC5000L variants use this same charge indication system but also feature a backlit LCD screen, providing more detailed information to the operator.

For safer charging, these new chargers provide spark-free operation and are polarity protected.

The IC1500L and IC2500L are well suited for charging batteries ranging from 100 ~ 250AHr, while the IC5000L is ideal for larger batteries up to 500Ah that have a lot of electrical loads. Depending on the size of the batteries, charge time will vary between 2-10 hours.

All three chargers feature compact dimensions and robust construction, making them ideal for permanent installation, life on the move between recreational vehicles or even for the workshop.

For peace of mind, the new Intelli-Charge Lithium battery charger range is backed by 2-year warranty. These exciting new chargers can be purchased from all leading automotive, transport, four wheel drive and camping & caravanning outlets throughout Australia.

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